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The music legacy of Bo Diddley, who was born Ellas McDaniel, is under represented in the written history of Rock N' Roll. His contributions to music through his sound, his innovation, and his mentorship need to be shared and acknowleged. Part of the spirit that drove the Bo Diddley experience is his love of people. He embraced other performers from all walks of life. He took great care to nuture and develop his bandmates. Beyond his music was the man who loved his garden, became a father and grandpa when not on the stage, and who took an interest in his community, and was a helping hand wherever he felt he could make a difference. The Bo Diddley Foundation has taken on the mission to continue Bo Diddley's spirit of being a resource for his community. In addition, the Foundation's mission includes documenting and promoting the rich musical library and musical history of the Originator, the great Bo Diddley. Your support is vital to carrying our this monumental undertaking.

​I thank you in advance for the applause I'm about to get"  - Bo Diddley

How does the The Bo Diddley Foundation use donations and sponsorships?

The Bo Diddley Foundation is committed to promoting music education and performance. The Foundation uses the resources it takes in to provide scholarships for deserving students to enable them to have access to musical instruments, to study music theory, to get on stage and perform. Members of the Foundation have contacts and connections across many aspects of the music industry and can provide guidance and exposure to aspiring musicians.

The Bo Diddley Foundation will also provide bus charters to colleges and universities to expose young people in our community to the experience of campus life, and to attend live performances on campus, including concerts, marching bands, and visiting with students. The trips will also have the effect of exposing students on campus to Bo Diddley and what his music was about. This will make these trips a cross-learning experience.

Finally, the Foundation has and will continue to host events that will showcase established music acts while at the same time giving access to local artists to share the stage and get valuable recognition.

To accomplish this wide range of activities, the Bo Diddley Foundation seeks support from sponsors, individual donors, and through the sale of Bo Diddley merchandise. In addition, the Foundation accepts donations of all kinds of musical instruments that will be distributed to young people so that they can start as early as possible on their musical journey.

To summarize, the Bo Diddley Foundation uses the money raised under its non-profit status to put on events, provide scholarships, accept donations of musical instruments, and take local students on field trips to colleges and universities. Bo used to say, “thank you in advance for the applause I’m about to get.”  In that spirit we say thank you in advance for your great support of the Bo Diddley Foundation.

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Kim Farinacci & Smokestack Station: "Who Do You Love?"
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